The Rewrite and Editing Room Floor

As you might imagine when you work on a book for seven years, there is considerable material that ends up on the "rewrite and editing room floor." That is certainly the case with this project that had as a working title "The Story of MyLife as Told by My Scale and the Things I Learned as a Fatman."

I have posted some sections that were significantly modified or dropped during the rewriting and editing process and which I consider worth posting.

Carol's Perspective:
My Contribution to Living with Obesity

As I worked on this book I came to realize how much my fatness affected Carol and my relationship. I asked her whether she would be willing to write about what it was like to be married to a fat man. Here is what she wrote in 2002, some of which is reflected in "Living Large."
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How Much Should I Weigh?

There is no conclusive answer to this question, but the Body Mass Index (BMI) measurement is a good starting point. In this section, Mike looks at the basics of BMI and also reveals surprising statistics about the weight and height of select U.S. presidents.
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It is my hope that what follows will heighten the sensitivity of readers toward what we experiance. My goal is to shed light on attitudes historically and in our modern culture.
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The way words are used by the general public, health care professionals, and groups organized to seek level field behavior toward fat people has an impact on attitudes and practices and is therefore worth exploring.
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The Environment

Everyday activities, such as traveling on a plane or buying new clothes, bring a host of challenges.
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Searching for my Weight and Medical History

As I began to write about my life as a fat person, I realized that my weight at various times in my life as well as other health indicators such as blood pressure, cholesterol, triglycerides and glucose were important markers. So, I set out to create a medical history of myself.
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