Living Large in the News

Washington Post Chat Transcript

Mike speaks with readers.

Washington Post: "The Measure of a Man"

This in-depth profile of Mike chronicles his lifetime battle with weight and acceptance.

Good Morning America Appearance

Watch Mike and Carol's appearance on GMA.

ABC News/Good Morning America Book Excerpt

The "Living Large" introduction is featured on the ABC News Web site.

Hardball with Chris Matthews Transcript

Mike discusses "Living Large" on a recent telecast.

St. Paul Pioneer Press Q&A

Mike offers candid responses in this detailed Q & A interview.

Obesity Issue Looms Large

From The Wall Street Journal Online

The Politics of Fat

From Time Magazine

In 'Living Large,' Berman comes to terms with size and self


In 'Living Large,' campaigner comes to terms with size and self

From The Ithaca Journal

"Obese Patients Increase Need for Specialized Med Care"

From Abundance Magazine

Big is beautiful, preaches lobbyist Berman

From The Hill (second story)

Leisure Reading

From (second story)

The Note

From ABC News

Weighing in on Weight

From Roll Call

'Living Large' is natural to obese adults, author says

From Ft. Worth Star Telegram

Radio Interview: Wisconsin Public Radio

From "The Ben Meren's Show," 3/20/06

Radio Interview: NPR

From "Radio Times," 3/21/06

A Beltway insider is downsized

From "The Los Angeles Times," 3/31/06

Coming to Terms With Being Big

From "The Ledger" (Lakeland, Fla.), 4/4/06

Family Matters Radio with Caroline and Jacquie (Part 1 of 2)

Audio Interview

Family Matters Radio with Caroline and Jacquie (Part 2 of 2)

Audio Interview