Living Large

I am a fat man. That might sound harsh, but that is who I am. Right now I weigh 240 pounds but I've been as heavy as 332 pounds. Being fat has profoundly affected my life, especially my health, my relationships and my career choices. Not too many men openly talk about their weight but I want to share my story. It has taken me years to accept that I have a disease and by managing it, I can live a happy and healthy life. My life is full. Full of friends, unique experiences and interesting hobbies. I am a fat man and I have a great life. I am, Living Large. —Mike

Critical Response to Living Large

Advance accolades for "Living Large."
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Living Large in the News

Mike and "Living Large" have attracted the attention of Good Morning America, the Washington Post and a variety of other media outlets.
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Living Large: Introduction from the Book

Full text of the introduction from Mike Berman's book, "Living Large."
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Photos of Mike Berman with his wife, his friends and his colleagues.
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